The Organ of The Holy Name Church

Simon’s debut organ CD was recorded on the recently refurbished 1871 William Hill instrument at the Church of the Holy Name, Manchester.

The CD was produced by Gordon Stewart and recorded by Richard Kimmings. It contains music by Buxtehude, J.S Bach, Langlais, Franck, Dupre and Demessieux. It comes with a fully illustrated booklet with photographs of the church by Penelope Leach.

​The CD costs £13.00 and cheques are payable to Counterpoint Musical Services Ltd. Please send them to 32 Southpark Rd, Gatley, Cheadle, SK8 4AN.



I have listened to the CD many times, and I love it! You have a real flair for French music. Thanks for playing the Couperin. The organ lends itself very well to the music you picked. Congratulations on this recording! You make me want to learn the Demessieux Te Deum!

Daniel Brondel – Associate Director of Music, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, New York

CD review-

Simon Leach – The Organ of the Holy Name Church, Manchester

Simon Leach plays the organ of The Holy Name Church, Manchester.

The Catholic church of the Holy Name in Manchester, serving the university and Royal Northern College of Music communities, is home to a wholeheartedly Romantic, reed-heavy and upperwork-light William Hill instrument of 1871. Its rather gloomily impressive tone complements the church’s architecture; it was restored by David Wells in 2004. Simon Leach…gives us a largely French programme performed with great musical sympathy that unsurprisingly shows off the III/48 Hill to advantage. The opening Buxtehude…does demonstrate that the instrument can cope well with the Baroque. The Bach is also convincing, but the organ (not least those reeds) and Leach really come into their own in the Couperin movements. The Dupre Ave Maris Stella is lovely and the full-throated Franck Priere, by far the longest piece on this programme, builds adamantly to a tremendous climax before retreating into the shadows again…The Langlais Chant de Joie and especially Chant Heroique featured earlier are the showpieces of the instrument’s roof-raising capabilities. The gentler Langlais works are full of atmosphere, too.

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